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Marque Collective

Marque collective is a Melbourne based company specialising in everything automotive. They are known for their automotive events, car storage and car, watch and heritage plate sales. Don’t hesitate to contact Adrian on for any of your enquiries.​​

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Chemical guys

Introducing Chemical Guys as our partners, a renowned name in car care products and detailing solutions. We're thrilled to announce their partnership for our upcoming event, bringing their expertise and top-quality products to enhance the experience for all attendees. They will also be conducting a giveaway at the event so keep an eye out for them!


Partnership with Audi

Audi recently collaborated with Car Stories at a car show held in Queensland, bringing their exceptional RSQ3 model to display for our esteemed guests. As a proud partner, Audi showcased their exquisite engineering and design, allowing attendees to witness the beauty of the RSQ3 firsthand. This collaboration brought a unique touch of sophistication to the event, creating a truly memorable experience for all who attended. Guests were able to admire the sleek lines, impressive performance, and luxurious features of the RSQ3, and were given the opportunity to interact with Audi representatives to learn more about the brand and its exceptional vehicles. Overall, this partnership between Audi and our team elevated the car show, providing a high-end and exclusive experience that left a lasting impression on attendees.


At our Sydney event, "Wheels, Wine, and Waves," we had the privilege of partnering with Boundless Water, and the collaboration was nothing short of exceptional. Guests were treated to a unique experience as Boundless Water offered complimentary tastings of their innovative hydrogen-infused water. The addition of this refreshing and health-conscious beverage elevated the event's offerings, leaving attendees both intrigued and delighted. As part of our partnership, Boundless Water conducted insightful interviews with event-goers, capturing their firsthand experiences after trying their product.


We were delighted to partner with Alloy Doctor for the Cars, Wheels, and Gin event held in Brisbane. Alloy Doctor is a high-end alloy wheel repair business, and they hosted the event in their state-of-the-art workshop, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to see their skilled technicians at work. The event showcased the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that Alloy Doctor is known for, highlighting their ability to repair and refinish alloy wheels to a like-new condition. Guests were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at Alloy Doctor's operations, witnessing their use of cutting-edge technology and techniques to restore wheels to their former glory. Along with the impressive displays of repaired wheels, the event also featured a gin tasting, providing a festive atmosphere and a great opportunity for guests to mingle and network. The partnership with Alloy Doctor elevated the event to a new level, showcasing the importance of wheel repair and restoration in the automotive industry. Overall, the Cars, Wheels, and Gin event was a great success, and we were proud to partner with Alloy Doctor in providing such a unique and memorable experience for attendees.


We were proud to partner with Street Race Solutions for our recent car show in Toowoomba. While they didn't display their services, they brought a stunning selection of cars that they had worked on to put on display for our guests. Street Race Solutions showcased their expertise in performance upgrades and modifications, with each car on display exhibiting their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Attendees were able to witness the transformation of these vehicles, from stock to highly tuned machines, and were able to interact with representatives from Street Race Solutions to learn more about their services and passion for performance cars. The partnership with Street Race Solutions added an extra level of excitement to the car show, showcasing the potential for customization and performance upgrades. The impressive display of vehicles left guests in awe and created a memorable experience that highlighted the exceptional work of Street Race Solutions. Overall, the partnership with Street Race Solutions was a great success, and we look forward to collaborating with them again in future events.


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